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Axe Marine Deodorant Spray – For Men 150ml


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Axe Marine Deodorant Spray – For Men 150ml

Axe Marine Deodorant Spray – For Men (150 ml)
Confident with a strong scent and inviting with a refreshing cool, this Axe Marine Deodorant Spray is ideal for the man who knows that he wants to smell good and feel extremely comfortable at the same time.

Cool and Invigorating

Like the fresh breeze on the beach side, this fragrance brings a cooling sensation to leave you with a scent that is entirely invigorating and grabs all attention.

Powerful Fragrance

Watch as people straighten up and pay attention to your entry; the fragrance gives your aura a burst of intense marine freshness to keep you going a whole day.


Axe’s special attention to details ensures that you enjoy a fresh fragrance on you all day long, through hours of work or college.

Compact Size

The deodorant easily fits in your hand and lends you extra comfort while spraying the fragrance on, even just after a shower when your hands are moist.