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Alpha Arbutin Soap for Instant Fairness 70gm


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Alpha Arbutin Soap for Instant Fairness 70gm

What is Alpha Arbutin?

This is an ingredient obtained from bearberry plant. It is also found in wheat, Bergenia crassifolia, and is also mostly concentrated in the skins of pear. Though this element can be synthetically produced in laboratories by action of acetobromoglucose on hydroquinone, it is naturally extracted from bearberry. It has been used traditionally as treatment for some diseases such as urinary tract infections though not scikentifically proven for that.

It is also commonly used as an antioxidant hence used in most anti-aging products. This compound is known to inhibit activity of enzyme tyrosinase that is responsible for formation of melanin an element that protects the skin against harmful environmental conditions such as sun poisoning effect of UV and UVB radiations from the sun.

Due to this property, skin lightening products have utilized Alpha Arbutin as an ingredient. Just like skin whitening pills, products that make use of this ingredient are much effective in skin bleaching. Alpha arbutin soap, creams, serums and lotions are among the major lightening products you will found over the counter.

Side Effects of Alpha Arbutin:

This ingredient was seen to be safer compared to hydroquinone which is highly banned in some countries. Regardless of naturally extracted, Alpha arbutin has been discovered to have the possibility of breaking down to hydroquinone while in the body. This is mainly because Alpha Arbutin is a glucosylated hydroquinone in nature.

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